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Founded in 2012, Tech Gurus LLC is a Virginia based Swam Certified Women Owned Small Business. Our dedicated professionals provide outstanding IT Helpdesk support services to our clients. Some of key service offerings of Tech Gurus include:

IT Helpdesk Support

Tech Gurus staff follows ITIL® service management practices and proven process to provide IT Helpdesk lifecycle support. Our support starts at incident reporting to follow through maintaining and updating incident log, tracking user issues, perform initial diagnostics assign priority by issues for all IT Helpdesk tickets and service requests. Our experience work with IT engineers team to provide reliable and uninterrupted IT services. We provide 24/7 IT helpdesk support from our customer site via email, dedicated phone line, and remote access for all personnel. we maintain single point of communication and connect all service requests and technology concerns for issues resolution, permanent resolution of recurring issues, and policy formulation at the enterprise level.

Online IT Support

We Provide on call online IT support services. Simply fill out the form with your contact information and receive support from our expert computer support personnel & submit a secure payment through Paypal from the section to the left. Yearly Support Includes:

Comprehensive support for your computer

Online Identity and Data security

Antivirus & antispyware support

Solutions for your PC optimization

Unlimited technical support for 6 months per PC


Unlimited Tech Support for One PC for 6 months

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Adware Removal Support

TechGurus Certified Technicians are industry experts in resolving, troubleshooting, and fixing all Adware Issues. Our experienced technicians till date have successfully removed adware from hundres of Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Notebooks. We provide the best customer service with the best return on your investment. For Adware Removal Services call toll-free at 1-877-491-5250 to get connected with us and fix issues. We value our customers time to provide best Adware Removal support for on-demand Adware Removal services.

Computer Restoration Services

TechGurus Technicians have the experience and skills to provide Computer Restoration Services. Our computer specialists, where possible, will minimize the data loss occurring due to accidental deleting of information, unable to access information due to file getting corrupt, driver not compatible, registry errors, virus and so many other existing, new and unknown issues. Our Technicians provide the optimum solutions and utilize the best available tools to restore system efficiency and operations of your existing Desktop, Laptop or Notebook via our Toll Free number.

Information Security Support

TechGurus provide information protection and security support services. Our Technicians have the right skills to ensure your critical personal and professional information is secured at all times. We help our customers achieve highest level of information security. We proudly serve our customers with information security offered through our affordable Tech Support Services.

Internet Browser Support

TechGurus expert and seasoned professionals are ready to serve our customers 365 days a year to resolve all browser issues for all existing Popular Internet Browsing Applications at affordable price. Our comprehensive Browser Support Services Package includes resolution of pop up blocks, check safe websites, website blockage, content filiteration and so on.


Our Technicians are trained perfectly to provide best technical support for your Printer. Resolve printer issues with a premium printer support via TechGurus’ dependable printer support for effective solution of most common printer technical snags, which put on no-go signal while printing. We support all existing popular Printer Brands for our 24/7 Printer Support. We resolve all printer issues including software resolution, troubleshoot with our technicians all hardware compatibility issues, paper tray recognition, frequent paper jam issues, long time spooling of print jobs troubles.

Malware Removal Support

TechGurus Malware removal services are designed to provide protection to your Desktop, Laptop, and Notebooks to save your sensitive personal and professional data. We provide protection against a wide array of both online and offline threats such as Malware viruses, spywares, and Trojans.

Performance Tuning

TechGurus professionals understand the frustration faced by everyone due to slow computer performance. Our technicians are industry experts providing solution for all your Slow PC problems. Our Technicians bring back efficiency and fast operations by optimizing services and removing unwarranted applications impacting performance of your Desktop, Laptop or Notebook to achieve high performance.

Spyware Removal Support

Our Technicians are trained to provide best technical support for your Spyware Removal. We know getting stubborn and annoying spyware, adware and Virus off your Desktop, Laptop, and Notebooks is very frustrating. We provide the best and reliable Spyware Detection and Removal Services. To immediately avoid adware, spyware infections, malicious virus and Trojan threat, contact us for the Spyware Removal Tech Support Services package.

Virus Removal Support

Tech Gurus provide technical support for removing virus from your computer to enable safe PC operations. Our technicians have experience to detect and block all virus issues for our customers just a call away through our reliable and dependable Virus Removal Services. We understand majority of Viruses do come in via email, infected attachments, USB drives via a corrupt document, unsecure websites and accidental clicks. Tech Gurus technicians provide screen your PC or notebooks to detect and remove virus preventing information misuse and secure operating environment.